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(MODEL: SS24030203)
(ITEM: 144799595)

The 30 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets, including dedicated footwell jets, in the Celestial Spas Pieces hot tub isolate and massage the areas where tension "lives" most. All 30 hydrotherapy jets are fully adjustable allowing you to precisely control the pressure and direction of water flow to help relieve your stress and muscle fatigue. The ergonomic full-body lounger-style seating accommodates 2 to 3 adults. A Duralast energy-efficient, dual-walled resin cabinet with a acrylic shell will complement any retreat in a warm Millstone Tuscany color. The spa cabinet has 6 removable panels for easy access to the inner workings and an easy-to-use topside digital control panel. Additional features include a 3 bhp motor, 2-speed high-output pump, a 4kW all-season stainless steel heater, a 240V ozonator, and a programmable multicolor underwater LED light. Comes complete with a heavy-duty tapered insulated cover with locking clips.


   -  30 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets tp relieve tension

   -  Dedicated footwall jets for total relaxation

   -  Roomy lounger-style seating accommodates up
      2 to 3 adults

   -  Energy-efficient, dual-wall resin cabinet in an attractive
      Millstone Tuscany complements and acrylic shell insert

   -  6 easy to remove panels and a topside digital
      control panel

   -  Programmable underwater LED light and topside digital
      controls add fun and ease of use

   -  Includes spa, a 3bhp, 2-speed pump, a 4kW all-season
      steel heater, 240V ozonator, heavy-duty tapered insulated
      vinyl cover and locking clips

   Warranty: lifetime cabinet; 1 year parts and labor